We’re still a way off being fully setup but there’s no time like the present to plunge into the creation of online profiles, blogs, video channels and general craziness : ).

This is the first inception of the Official Pixelati blog which will feature ongoing content about all things creative in our homeland of New Zealand. New Zealand is a tiny country made up of two large islands (and one small one) and a whole bunch of creative and interesting people. Because NZ is so small you always know someone who knows someone doing something exciting on some major creative endeavour, and our regular video content aims to capture these amazing people at work in their respective fields.

Creativity manifests everywhere so we’ll be covering creatives in the music field, the film field, animation, crafts, tattooing, technology – you name it! We work with artists and artisans who don’t compromise their creativity for a buck – of course it’s a given that we all have to take on a job to make ends meet occasionally, but the individuals and teams that interest us are the ones who are truly passionate and dedicated to their art.

We hope you’ll enjoy the content as our blog evolves – please keep in touch with us if you have any comments, congratulations, suggestions or abuse : ).