This Pixelati-produced clip from November 08 was captured at Zen bar in Auckland for the final Shake dance party of the year. It’s a showcase of the skill of various members of the Prestige Dance Crew alongside shots of the general public boogeying on down to DJCXL on the turntable.

New Zealand’s dance scene in general has advanced a great deal in the last few years – in fact, we ran into an old friend at Starbucks in Aotea Square last night while filming the Danger Balls video blog: he used to be a 3D modeller and is now a swing dancer extraordinaire. He’s a member of NZ’s School of Swing Dance – Jitterbugs (Big ups Aiden!). Creative people never cease to amaze me with their diverse interests : ).

The mix on this soundtrack was put together by DJCXL.