Hip Hop Freestyling is the art of improvisational poetics – writing poetry “on the spot”. The thing about freestyling, though, is that you don’t have the luxury of freeform or avant garde delivery (not if you want to be known as a competent freestyler anyway xD) – you have to think quickly, be on time and you have to rhyme (for the most part).

A few weeks ago Pixelati caught Palestinian-born New Zealand MC MC Bling (aka Imagine This) dropping a twenty minute freestyle on DJCXL’s radio show for BaseFM. The performance was part of a longer video article on DJCXL’s radio show “The Champ Is Here” (which we’ll be uploading soon). An edited version of the clip below appears in the forthcoming video but we thought we’d release this longer version to showcase Bling’s impressive freestyle skills.

Web Zen: when freestyling goes horribly wrong.