You can’t tell from our post frequency but things have been busy at Pixelati of late! We have more news and inside views coming but for now here’s a little update on our present state.

Goin’ mobile

Bliss Family Farm Title ScreenWe’re going mobile! We have a number of smaller mobile projects in various stages of development; some are complete, pending a graphical overhaul; others are in prototype phase.  Thanks to the speedy prototyping skills of our Art team we’re looking at producing a few of these titles within a relatively short timeframe. Keep it locked on our forthcoming Project page for more info.

NZ Game Development Community

We’re involved in an initiative to foster collaboration and connectedness within the New Zealand gamedev industry. We’ll have more news as it develops but suffice to say, it’s great to be working with Andy from Gamemold and Peter from Pixelthis; we’re looking forward to some exciting developments!

Video goodness

We do a lot of video work at Pixelati – besides helping to pay the bills it gets us into exciting events and meeting great companies working within the creative fields (like Geek Freeks). We’ve got some big work coming up with Illegal Musik and you’ll be seeing some of our recent work with Illegal and J Williams coming soon to a screen near you! : ).

What’s up in the wider industry? It gets lonely being a little startup on the grind. Hit us up if you’re a creative with some exciting news – we’d love to hear it!