Wow… it’s been so long I’ve almost forgotten how to do this xD ┬áj/ks!

Don’t take the prolonged silence as evidence of a lack of activity – much has been going on behind the scenes!

PlayMaker avatarFor starters, we’ve been very involved in launching PlayMaker NZ, a NZ indie game development community created to support and engage NZ’s growing indie and hobbyist gamedev industry. The goal with the PlayMaker brand is to foster collaborative endeavour and to nurture support mechanisms for developers like ourselves looking for information and mentorship from the wider community.

We’ve also been plummeting headlong along the path of completion for our Xbox / XNA title, Danger Balls. We’re going to present our progress at October’s Auckland Game Works Meetup so if you’re in the area, come down and check it out!

We’ve split off our video production into a separate entity called Visualati. Go and check out some of our videos here. Nope, not anymore lol.

Last but not least: we’ve implemented a more solid blogging / tweeting regime and established the same for our Facebook fan page so you can expect more regular updates and content from us!