Phew… it’s been a busy month… The IGF deadline for submissions approaches and we’re tweaking madly to make the Nov 1st date. We’re pretty happy with how the game’s shaping up but we’re trying to milk every last little bit of stickiness from the settings to get the best possible play experience… There’s plenty to say on that, as far as the art and skill of gameplay balancing but we’ll post on that when we have enough time to do so!

DBalls Screencap

Thanks to our friends at Thinkt the soundfx for the game are great and have put a whole new spin on it for those of us who’ve been immersed in the silent version for so long! Thanks also to the inimitable Mr. Ryan Cooper of Mukpuddy for┬álending his chameleonic voice to the game’s primary antagonist, the Overseer TV – I think I spent more time laughing at his outrageous ball gag adlibs during the recording session than actually working xD.

We’ve also just finished putting together an early version trailer of Danger Balls for the AnimFX showcase coming up in November in Wellington – we’ll include that in a post after the event.

In all, Danger Balls has been a truly indie endeavour as we’ve only worked on it in our spare time, for the most part as a team of three (writer/producer, artist, programmer), and I’m glad to see us approaching a milestone in development with confidence : ). We’ve got a way to go, yes, but it’s good to be where we are, too!

We’ll update with more info over the next few months…