Sweet! We made it onto DIYgamer’s “Top 10 Break Out Indie Games of 2010” – thanks DIYgamer for putting us up alongside class like Shank and Super Meat Boy!


Our momentum on Danger Balls slowed down after we completed the IGF competition version of the game; everyone needed a break so we’ve been working on other projects – like PlayMaker – and prepping for our next version, due mid-December.

The next version of Danger Balls will contain a few more of the features we were hoping to get into the first – luckily the IGF rules allow for updates to your entry. Although the organisers don’t guarantee that the judges will see any updates you make, it can’t hurt to have the option available. It benefits us to have a version that more adequately highlights the features of the game, too.


P.S. the IGF is going to be killer with the number of quality entries this year – the worst part is knowing that you might have to wait quite a while before you’ll ever get to play some of them.