In February of this year we embarked on an ambitious video project for Illegal Musik – the making of two music videos for the J Williams song “You Got Me” featuring NZ’s prominent rap icon, Scribe. The first video would be traditional 2D – the second would be a first in NZ: the first all live 3D music video.

This was a first for all involved on many levelsĀ (Pixelati, 3D Live and Illegal Musik) – and we put it together in only eight days. We also edited and graded the 2D video within three days of the shoot so the time pressures on this project led to extra stress and drama that nevertheless contributed to a very interesting and unforgettable experience : ).

The Location – K Road Ballroom & Pull Bar

Once we’d decided to go ahead with the combined 2D and 3D project – only eight days out from the day we needed to shoot the video – the pressure was on to find a location that gave us a number of options settings-wise. Teresa, the manager of the K Road Ballrooms, was extremely accommodating and smoothed the way for us at this difficult time by giving us full access and allowing us to make minor ‘tweaks’ and adjustments for the shoot.

If you haven’t been to the K Road Ballroom before, make sure to head along to 214 K Road and check out the spacious location! Besides the main pool room (the primary set for the video) there is also the snazzy Pull Bar out the back – a setting we used for shots that can be seen in the 3D video.

There was also a great concrete alleyway downstairs which served as a perfect spot for an urban backing for Scribe’s verse.

To top it all off, K Road Ballroom has its own pizza-maker extraordinaire who provided us with an excellent meal at the end of the day – if nothing else, make sure to head along there and try their pizzas – I’ve been back a few times already ; ).

Find out more about K Road Ballroom here.

To be continued…