We’re still cracking away behind the scenes here! We’ve attached two of our team blogs to pixelati.com: I’m posting my personal stuff on my own blog called “the interactivist anarchitect” at damiencaine.pixelati.com and Tom, programmer extraordinaire, is posting his technical musings on tommulgrew.pixelati.com. Check ’em out and subscribe to the RSS feeds for much goodness!

I’ll be updating my personal blog more than this one; it’ll be full of general ramblings about games, music and movies I like as well as personal insights from my work in various fields.

We’re still working in the music scene – we’ve got an all-weekend video edit on at the moment! – and I’m constantly reminded how awesome it is to be able to witness the development of some incredible talent up close and personal. Talent like the three-man pop-rock powerhouse shown here: Crescendo Mafia. I have a bit more to say on the interactivist about this great new New Zealand band – check it out if you like this video!