Changes are coming to our NZ Game Developer Community site, PlayMaker, and not just visual and structural but also behind the scenes.

I’ll have more detail to post in future but for now I’m just looking forward to the move of the site (from our current server to a larger one) and the anticipated visual overhaul!

It’s been really great to be involved in drawing the New Zealand Game Development community together again and to see the new and exciting developments that are now under way. There’s still a lot of work ahead and a long way to go but it’s exciting to see the Auckland community starting to pull together and to have the involvement and engagement of the New Zealand Game Developers Association (NZGDA) stalwarts including Sidhe (who was seminal in the foundation of the NZGDA) and Media Design School. Mario Wynands of Sidhe is providing a lot of his experience and knowledge of the industry to help us build a stronger community offering and hopefully grow in new and greater ways.

We’ve also finished post-production work (editing and grading) on a music video for The Hypnotics (embedded below) and are looking at some exciting new video projects coming up in the near future. I’ll have more news about those as we get further along the path!