Recently we finished directing, editing and post production onĀ a trailer for Grinding Gear Games. The trailer introduces the Templar class, a devout fighting monk type (my words, not theirs!) who finds himself exiled for his pursuit of the truth beyond religious rhetoric.

The process of creating the trailer was a lot of fun, from the concept stage with Grinding Gear Games founders Chris Wilson, Jonathan Rogers and Erik Olofsson – who are also the primary creative and technicalĀ force behind the game Path of Exile – through to directing the voice actor (Kevin Harty, who did a great job voicing the scottish type brogue of the weathered holy man), editing the trailer and adding post production polish with twitch and motion effects.

We’re happy with the result, which hints at the depth of the world behind the game and really showcases the amazing technical capability of the engine Grinding Gear have created for their free to play Online Action RPG!