As usual there’s been a lot going on at Pix Central and not much time to write about it. The coming year holds a lot of interesting developments so we have our heads down on the tasks that will help us get there.

We’ve been working on semi-secret eBook projects in the background and have had a great response in three separate tests to the first – a Te Reo language eBook. We’ll have more on this field – including our long-planned gamebooks – later.

We’re also lucky enough to be working on the new trailer for Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile – this time the launch trailer for their Open Beta version of the game. It’s been over a year since we did the Templar trailer which amazes me – time flies!

We completed the launch of Lil Trigarow Swag’s website and the soft (unannounced) launch of our music label, formerly known as Black Platinum Sound but soon to be revealed in a new form – watch this space!

We’re also ready to do Trig’s first official video – and we’re pretty stoked with the format we’re taking on… We’ve been there before but this time is going to be something special…

There’s more that can’t yet be revealed but we’ll go into it as the year progresses.

Final bit of coming soon news: the new website and PIXELATi 2.0! Evolved brand, evolved focus – coming early 2013 to a browser near you.

Let’s go 2013!