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General Update

You can’t tell from our post frequency but things have been busy at Pixelati of late! We have more news and inside views coming but for now here’s a little update on our present state.

Goin’ mobile

Bliss Family Farm Title ScreenWe’re going mobile! We have a number of smaller mobile projects in various stages of development; some are complete, pending a graphical overhaul; others are in prototype phase.  Thanks to the speedy prototyping skills of our Art team we’re looking at producing a few of these titles within a relatively short timeframe. Keep it locked on our forthcoming Project page for more info.

NZ Game Development Community

We’re involved in an initiative to foster collaboration and connectedness within the New Zealand gamedev industry. We’ll have more news as it develops but suffice to say, it’s great to be working with Andy from Gamemold and Peter from Pixelthis; we’re looking forward to some exciting developments!

Video goodness

We do a lot of video work at Pixelati – besides helping to pay the bills it gets us into exciting events and meeting great companies working within the creative fields (like Geek Freeks). We’ve got some big work coming up with Illegal Musik and you’ll be seeing some of our recent work with Illegal and J Williams coming soon to a screen near you! : ).

What’s up in the wider industry? It gets lonely being a little startup on the grind. Hit us up if you’re a creative with some exciting news – we’d love to hear it!

Weekly Weblinks: Creativity around the web

Favourite link of the week is ThruYOU – in which an enterprising chap from Israel called Kutiman mashes Youtube clips together to create great music (there’s a personal fave embedded below). If you click through to the Youtube vids themselves you can see all the individual videos that make up the song in the information panel to the right of each clip. Well worth checking out!

Available in full on Youtube is the 26 minute animated short film “The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello“. With a sepia silhouetty aesthetic and a cinematic gravity from the start, this little film tells a creepy tale with style!

And finally, a compelling argument for David Fincher’s Fight Club being based on Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes – Ed Norton is Calvin and Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) is his imaginary friend, Hobbes… Oh, and Marla is Susie Derkins reborn. Go and read! You will soon be convinced of Fincher’s homage ; ).

Flipbook Animation meeting spectaculicious

The first Flipbook meet was a rousing success – a great turnout, great talent on display, and an enthusiastic crowd of pencil, paper and pixel pushers! Whilst the animation on display revealed a few of the many artistes in the room, Guitar Hero later unveiled the closet rockstars (couldn’t seem to keep Jeremy off it… you forgot to bring your wig and headband bro – we know you’ve got them at home next to the mirror and the Bon Jovi poster…)

Congratulations to the three winners – Rhubarb Zoo, Ned Wenlock and Alex Dron – and thanks for speaking to us on camera afterward! We’re editing up the footage and will have a vid online featuring short clips from the winning works as soon as we can.

Looking forward to the next Flipbook!

Until then, check out this short from 3rd place-getter Alex Dron, featuring his winning character: Fot!

Meet the Danger Balls Development team

Tim Evans: Game Designer / Artist

Tim Evans is the strange chap with the charming photo on our “About” page. I think his mummy and daddy dropped him on his head when he was a baby. They say you have to be a bit loopy to be a good game designer – I don’t know if that’s true (or even if anyone actually said it) but it takes up paragraph space.

Tom Mulgrew: Coder / Game Designer

Tom is our evil genius coding guy – he takes the random ideas everyone comes up with and turns them into maths that the computer (or, in this case, Xbox) can understand. I think he was dropped on his head too… just check out his Bebo page if you don’t believe me… (specifically that little video down the left-hand side…)

Damien Caine: Writer / Musician

The other member of the team is me – I’m the guy behind the camera who watches everyone else do the hard work, pokes a camera in their face at the most annoying times, then turns up at the after party, claims all the glory, and collapses drunk in the garden out the back for the night. I also do a bit of writing and game design when I’m allowed to.

Together, we make up the Danger Balls Development team for Pixelati. And here’s the first video blog in a regular series on the making of Danger Balls (note: there’s a lot of temp programmer art in there at the moment :).

Kraftbomb this Sunday

It’s that time again – Kraftbomb is on at the Grey Lynn Community Center in Auckland this Sunday for anyone who wants to head along and support our local creative community!

For those that don’t know yet, Kraftbomb is Auckland’s hottest and hippest craft show with hand made goodies from across the spectrum – toys, cupcakes, record bowls, necklaces, accessories, and lots more.

Kraftbomb’s creators, Karla and City, are classic creatives – talented in many fields – and their aim with Kraftbomb is to have an outlet for their various works and to provide the same for the craft community in Auckland. They’re doing pretty damn well so far – big ups guys! : ).


At the end of last year we caught DJCXL on his Tuesday night radio show on BaseFM. He laid down a 2 hour mix with live freestyling from MC Bling in the last half hour – too good to miss.

The great thing about BaseFM is their mix show format that values the creative: DJs play for two hours from their own record collections – Base don’t dictate prescribed playlists, so what you get is fresh music from people who care. No more high rotate sledgehammer numbness!

Thanks to Jazz Ziedan, Base Station Manager!

Mukpuddy throws a party for Auckland's animation community

NZ animation gurus Mukpuddy have been drawin’ pitchas for a fair wee while now – you can keep up with their awesome work via their blog. They’re perhaps best known for the series “Sparkle Friends” on TVNZ’s What Now and their regional winning 48 Hour film short “Camp Fear” but there are lots of exciting things going on in the MukCamp so keep an eye on their blog for new developments throughout ’09!

For instance, in late Feb they’re hosting Flipbook to help draw the Auckland animation community closer together. Flipbook is an informal get together to screen cartoons submitted by the community, talk shop, have a few drinks and play some Guitar Hero xD so if you’re an animator in Auckland or the surrounds, make sure you head along! For those who aren’t in this exclusive club, keep an eye out for pics and/or video at the Facebook event page afterward.

The shindig’s going down at the Fordes Bar on Anzac Ave in the city – full details can be found here or on the Flipbook Facebook page!


Flipbook - NZ Animation Showcase

Flipbook - NZ Animation Showcase

Shake Dance Party

This Pixelati-produced clip from November 08 was captured at Zen bar in Auckland for the final Shake dance party of the year. It’s a showcase of the skill of various members of the Prestige Dance Crew alongside shots of the general public boogeying on down to DJCXL on the turntable.

New Zealand’s dance scene in general has advanced a great deal in the last few years – in fact, we ran into an old friend at Starbucks in Aotea Square last night while filming the Danger Balls video blog: he used to be a 3D modeller and is now a swing dancer extraordinaire. He’s a member of NZ’s School of Swing Dance – Jitterbugs (Big ups Aiden!). Creative people never cease to amaze me with their diverse interests : ).

The mix on this soundtrack was put together by DJCXL.

Game Development – Danger Balls

We’re working on a small game at the moment called “Danger Balls”. It’s a concept from the mind of our primary game designer Tim Evans and it’s destined for Xbox LIVE.

In a nutshell, you have to help the fingerling avoid the balls (which one can assume are ‘dangerous’) for as long as possible. Our lead programmer Tom (aka Mot) is working in the XNA platform using C# and is greatly enjoying having premium art content from a professional animator/artist to work with xD.

We’ll have video content about the making of this game as it develops, but for now here’s a screenshot of Danger Balls in early development (note the programmer art for the cannons : ).

Early Development Screenshot

Early Development Screenshot

Kraftbomb's coming!

Besides being a talented tattoo artist, Karla Hansen does a mean line in crafts – not only sewing the plushies that she and her husband (animation legend Alex Leighton) create together as part of Geek Freeks, but also – with her friend, City Down – handling the coordination, setup and management of Kraftbomb, a craft fair with a flair for the original! (like these record bowls – dope, check em out xD)

We dropped in to pick up some christmas presents at the end of 08 and captured a tiny bit of footage that we thought we’d share so you can get a taste of what’s coming up at next Sunday’s Kraftbomb! My sister loved the poos and wees we got for her xD and I have to get at least one Star Wars canvas this time…

If you’re in Auckland on the 25th and want to come check out a great craft market with wares you won’t easily find anywhere else, head along to the Grey Lynn Community Centre to see Kraftbomb in full swing. Go to for more details!

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