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Back from Holiday!

We’ve been on break for the last while – although “break” implies that we stopped working… xD What we did stop were updates to the blog but we’re back on track now and looking forward to filling you in on all the things Pixelati has coming this year!

For starters, we’re going to be redesigning our logo to coincide with the relaunch of our homepage. The black hole concept is something closely tied in to our brand but it’s time we overhauled the animated graphic we’ve been using for the last while. We want to keep the clean simplicity of our current logo and bring a new sparkle to it – if anyone has any great ideas we’d love to hear them : ).

The importance of music in editing

Here’s a great clip of Ridley Scott from the Fox Searchlight channel on Youtube. He speaks about the importance of music in editing with various anecdotes about Alien and the inclusion of Baaba Maal in the Blackhawk Down soundtrack.

The right music at the right time can set the perfect tone, and surprising genre choice can add a truly unique perspective to the visuals. As long as the music complements the images and editing rather than overpowering them you can create an emotionally engaging rhythm and tone that couldn’t be achieved otherwise.

Note: jump to 6:13 in the video for the section on music – or click here to go straight to that spot on Youtube.

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