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Trailer Editing

Editing a trailer is an exercise in pure creativity that I enjoy immensely.

The whole idea behind a trailer is to promote the work you’re presenting and to do it in a concise and engaging way. Subtle touches will move the audience emotionally and viscerally if you get them right – a quick flash frame with an accompanying ‘boom’ on the soundtrack can create excitement, anticipation and fear.

Having the opportunity to edit the trailers for Grinding Gear Games’ forthcoming Action RPG Path of Exile has been a lot of fun. The latest trailer we’ve completed presents the Duelist class and three bosses from the second Act of the game.


Weekly Weblinks: Creativity around the web

Favourite link of the week is ThruYOU – in which an enterprising chap from Israel called Kutiman mashes Youtube clips together to create great music (there’s a personal fave embedded below). If you click through to the Youtube vids themselves you can see all the individual videos that make up the song in the information panel to the right of each clip. Well worth checking out!

Available in full on Youtube is the 26 minute animated short film “The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello“. With a sepia silhouetty aesthetic and a cinematic gravity from the start, this little film tells a creepy tale with style!

And finally, a compelling argument for David Fincher’s Fight Club being based on Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes – Ed Norton is Calvin and Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) is his imaginary friend, Hobbes… Oh, and Marla is Susie Derkins reborn. Go and read! You will soon be convinced of Fincher’s homage ; ).

The importance of music in editing

Here’s a great clip of Ridley Scott from the Fox Searchlight channel on Youtube. He speaks about the importance of music in editing with various anecdotes about Alien and the inclusion of Baaba Maal in the Blackhawk Down soundtrack.

The right music at the right time can set the perfect tone, and surprising genre choice can add a truly unique perspective to the visuals. As long as the music complements the images and editing rather than overpowering them you can create an emotionally engaging rhythm and tone that couldn’t be achieved otherwise.

Note: jump to 6:13 in the video for the section on music – or click here to go straight to that spot on Youtube.

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