There’s no doubt the low barrier to entry for mobile devices has seen a mini-explosion of sorts on the indie dev scene.

We have a great number of new studios in NZ devoted to iOS / mobile games and it’s encouraging to see that a small team of one to three people can make a name for themselves in the new democratic indie frontier!

The blog on NZ’s indie community site, PlayMaker, has been created to present work from any and all devs – no matter how big or small (i.e. not just indies) – in the New Zealand game development scene. There’s no shortage of news to post but there’re certainly a lot of iOS devs who see the limelight on the frontpage.

I think it’s something to celebrate and the latest post I’ve written for PlayMaker presents a game from a Hamilton-based developer called Ironshod. Every time a new iOS dev signs up to the PlayMaker site or makes the news (or a tweet) somewhere I make a beeline for the app store to pull down their game. I’m always keen to check out the latest from our little community and it’s always great to show support too!

Reverse Maze is an engaging little game and I’ve found myself caught up for more than a few minutes at a time whenever I pick it up.

Check out the PlayMaker post here and the trailer for Reverse Maze below.