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A New Era!

It’s been a long time but we’re still here and we’re about to enter new territory with a company overhaul and a fresh direction!

More news to come and an overhaul of the website!

PIXELATi 2.0 coming soon

As usual there’s been a lot going on at Pix Central and not much time to write about it. The coming year holds a lot of interesting developments so we have our heads down on the tasks that will help us get there.

We’ve been working on semi-secret eBook projects in the background and have had a great response in three separate tests to the first – a Te Reo language eBook. We’ll have more on this field – including our long-planned gamebooks – later.

We’re also lucky enough to be working on the new trailer for Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile – this time the launch trailer for their Open Beta version of the game. It’s been over a year since we did the Templar trailer which amazes me – time flies!

We completed the launch of Lil Trigarow Swag’s website and the soft (unannounced) launch of our music label, formerly known as Black Platinum Sound but soon to be revealed in a new form – watch this space!

We’re also ready to do Trig’s first official video – and we’re pretty stoked with the format we’re taking on… We’ve been there before but this time is going to be something special…

There’s more that can’t yet be revealed but we’ll go into it as the year progresses.

Final bit of coming soon news: the new website and PIXELATi 2.0! Evolved brand, evolved focus – coming early 2013 to a browser near you.

Let’s go 2013!


School Spirit

Nearly two months ago now we worked on a video for an up and coming artist – Lil Trigarow Swag – who recorded a rap with two mates over Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow”.

The experience has been an interesting one – the Producer pulled together a team of people (including ourselves) who saw an opportunity to create something interesting in support of a good cause – creativity and passion! Trig and his two mates – the twins, V.I.C and Daley – recorded their version hunched over a tape deck in their dorm rooms and woke up the next morning to txts and messages praising them for their efforts. The Producer of the project – a former MAGS student – heard the track and sought out a team to put a music video together.

Here’s the promo of our efforts to date.

Introducing the Templar for Grinding Gear Games

Recently we finished directing, editing and post production on a trailer for Grinding Gear Games. The trailer introduces the Templar class, a devout fighting monk type (my words, not theirs!) who finds himself exiled for his pursuit of the truth beyond religious rhetoric.

The process of creating the trailer was a lot of fun, from the concept stage with Grinding Gear Games founders Chris Wilson, Jonathan Rogers and Erik Olofsson – who are also the primary creative and technical force behind the game Path of Exile – through to directing the voice actor (Kevin Harty, who did a great job voicing the scottish type brogue of the weathered holy man), editing the trailer and adding post production polish with twitch and motion effects.

We’re happy with the result, which hints at the depth of the world behind the game and really showcases the amazing technical capability of the engine Grinding Gear have created for their free to play Online Action RPG!

Game Communities and Music Videos

Changes are coming to our NZ Game Developer Community site, PlayMaker, and not just visual and structural but also behind the scenes.

I’ll have more detail to post in future but for now I’m just looking forward to the move of the site (from our current server to a larger one) and the anticipated visual overhaul!

It’s been really great to be involved in drawing the New Zealand Game Development community together again and to see the new and exciting developments that are now under way. There’s still a lot of work ahead and a long way to go but it’s exciting to see the Auckland community starting to pull together and to have the involvement and engagement of the New Zealand Game Developers Association (NZGDA) stalwarts including Sidhe (who was seminal in the foundation of the NZGDA) and Media Design School. Mario Wynands of Sidhe is providing a lot of his experience and knowledge of the industry to help us build a stronger community offering and hopefully grow in new and greater ways.

We’ve also finished post-production work (editing and grading) on a music video for The Hypnotics (embedded below) and are looking at some exciting new video projects coming up in the near future. I’ll have more news about those as we get further along the path!

What have we been up to?

Wow… it’s been so long I’ve almost forgotten how to do this xD  j/ks!

Don’t take the prolonged silence as evidence of a lack of activity – much has been going on behind the scenes!

PlayMaker avatarFor starters, we’ve been very involved in launching PlayMaker NZ, a NZ indie game development community created to support and engage NZ’s growing indie and hobbyist gamedev industry. The goal with the PlayMaker brand is to foster collaborative endeavour and to nurture support mechanisms for developers like ourselves looking for information and mentorship from the wider community.

We’ve also been plummeting headlong along the path of completion for our Xbox / XNA title, Danger Balls. We’re going to present our progress at October’s Auckland Game Works Meetup so if you’re in the area, come down and check it out!

We’ve split off our video production into a separate entity called Visualati. Go and check out some of our videos here. Nope, not anymore lol.

Last but not least: we’ve implemented a more solid blogging / tweeting regime and established the same for our Facebook fan page so you can expect more regular updates and content from us!

Meet the Danger Balls Development team

Tim Evans: Game Designer / Artist

Tim Evans is the strange chap with the charming photo on our “About” page. I think his mummy and daddy dropped him on his head when he was a baby. They say you have to be a bit loopy to be a good game designer – I don’t know if that’s true (or even if anyone actually said it) but it takes up paragraph space.

Tom Mulgrew: Coder / Game Designer

Tom is our evil genius coding guy – he takes the random ideas everyone comes up with and turns them into maths that the computer (or, in this case, Xbox) can understand. I think he was dropped on his head too… just check out his Bebo page if you don’t believe me… (specifically that little video down the left-hand side…)

Damien Caine: Writer / Musician

The other member of the team is me – I’m the guy behind the camera who watches everyone else do the hard work, pokes a camera in their face at the most annoying times, then turns up at the after party, claims all the glory, and collapses drunk in the garden out the back for the night. I also do a bit of writing and game design when I’m allowed to.

Together, we make up the Danger Balls Development team for Pixelati. And here’s the first video blog in a regular series on the making of Danger Balls (note: there’s a lot of temp programmer art in there at the moment :).

Back from Holiday!

We’ve been on break for the last while – although “break” implies that we stopped working… xD What we did stop were updates to the blog but we’re back on track now and looking forward to filling you in on all the things Pixelati has coming this year!

For starters, we’re going to be redesigning our logo to coincide with the relaunch of our homepage. The black hole concept is something closely tied in to our brand but it’s time we overhauled the animated graphic we’ve been using for the last while. We want to keep the clean simplicity of our current logo and bring a new sparkle to it – if anyone has any great ideas we’d love to hear them : ).

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